Holiday Celebrations-Halloween SAVE UP $50 OFF

Halloween is coming soon, how do you celebrate every year? Is everyone ready for costumes and sweets? Will you make pumpkin lanterns by yourself?

Or do you make pumpkin delicacies?


This Halloween will be very special. The full moon of Halloween 2020 will be the first full moon since 1944 that people in almost all regions in the world can see it.

The last Halloween full moon occurred in the United States was in 2001 (The Central Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone). And the full moon will be very bright, anyone will see it, whether in the countryside or in a brightly lit city.

After Halloween 2020, the next global Halloween full moon will be in 2039. So don’t forget to take a look at this rare full moon in the sky when celebrating Halloween.

With the advent of Halloween, our brand has launched two new ergonomic standing desk series: Smart Series and Premier Series.

(Picture: Pre-sale)

When you celebrate the happy holiday, also don’t forget to upgrade your desk, as a Halloween gift for yourself, so that you can work healthier and more energetic. Our standing desks are also very suitable for gifts to family and friends.   

Book now and have exclusive discounts for Halloween.

Both series have their own features, click link for more information:

Happy Halloween!

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