Standing Desks: How They Help You Change Your Life

Standing desks have been available for many years, although they are becoming more popular as COVID-19 spread and people have to working from home. They can impact your life in ways you never thought possible.

  1. Lower the risk of weight gain and obesity

By standing instead of sitting, you can burn about 50 extra calories an hour. If you were to stand for 3 hours each work day it would equal out to 750 calories a week. Over the course of a full year that would equal about 30,000 extra calories burnt off, or about 8 lbs of fat. In terms of activity levels, those 30,000 calories would be the equivalent of running 10 marathons a year.

As we know that, weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than the body is burning. So through standing desks, it can burn extra calories which can lower the risk of weight gain and obesity.

lose weight by standing
  1. Lower the risk of diseases

Since 19th century, a lot of researchers tried to find the function of standing and they did several studies. Studies have found that standing a longer time can lower the risk of heart disease, blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes. Also, it can reduce back pain. The “Take-a-Stand Project” in 2011 found that participants who spent an average of 66 minutes of their work day standing experienced a 54% reduction in upper back and neck pain.

  1. Improve mood and boost productivity

Sitting and increased sedentary time has been linked to an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. So increasing standing time can improve mood. Through standing, it makes the body in a good condition not only physically but also mentally. Then definitely it will boost productivity.

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