7 Spooky Ideas for Decorating Your Home This Halloween

Halloween is arriving soon. Do you have any idea about this Halloween? House is where your haunt is and how will you decorate your house? Whether your style is chic or "eek," there are so many ways to dress up your space for Halloween. Here are 7 spooky ideas for decorating your home this Halloween.  

1 Get Spooky with Spider Webs

Spider Webs are very tradition and popular Halloween decoration which is inexpensive and fun. Drape your bushes and front door with webs and incorporate them into your home decor. Put some plastic spiders on the webs that complete the look.


2 Carve Pumpkins

Yep, this is a thing. Get out your power tools and take pumpkin carving to the next level! Pumpkins are an "all fall" decoration. Although pumpkins are the main Halloween fruit, squash can add vibrant color to your decor inside and out. Oh, and they are awesome on the grill too!

3 Spooky Yard Scene

Sit down with your family and plan a spooky scene for your yard or home. This is a fun way to spend time together and celebrate, and all ages can participate. You can conjure up a haunted forest or cemetery to scare trick-or-treaters. This is what trick-or-treating will look like this year.

4 Get Ghoulish

A favorite cute and easy decoration idea for parties or trick-or-treaters is to have ghosts floating about. You can get helium balloons and cover them with white cloth!

5 Create a Coffin

Nothing spooks party goers or trick-or-treaters like a coffin. You can build one yourself out of wood or heavy cardboard, just be sure to make it big enough to hide in so you can pop out and scare people.

6 Stage Skeletons

How could you decorate your house without skeletons? Skeleton is another necessary decoration for Halloween. Stage them around your house, chatting on the phone, sitting at the table or even hanging out on the front porch. Interested in eerie stories?

7 Make Use of What You Have

You can repurpose old wood pallets to make a scary graveyard or empty cans to make lanterns. Check out your scrap bins for miscellaneous materials that would make cool decor this Halloween.

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