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Three Points to Decorate A Room for Children

Happy Children's Day! What surprises have you planned for your children? When it comes to parenting, the layout of the bedroom is a crucial but frequently disregarded aspect. A good bedroom fosters a child's hobby while also giving him/her a happy place to grow up in. Children's bedrooms needs to be styled for each child's age and gender. For instance, boys' rooms and girls' rooms have different color and decor element preferences. However, there are some universal elements that we should consider when adorning our children's bedrooms. Wall Colors A child's world is vibrant and brimming with wonder. If the color palette in the bedroom is consistent, the space will look lifeless, which will eventually effect how comfortable it is...

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An Appropriate Position for Installing Shelves

Floating shelves can assist you in creating anything from a book corner to a spot to place your phone and wallet when you are in the restroom. There are a variety of shelves available. They can make full use of wall and small corners to make the space more fulfilling. The most astounding thing about shelves is how practical they are. You may put shelves anywhere in the house without worrying about visual impact. For instance, the wall directly over the sofa's back. The wall behind the sofa may appear empty, especially in a small living room. To fill this space, you can add floating shelves. The one-layer floating shelves are the most basic. It would look fantastic if you...

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How to Choose Dining Table in the restaurant

All of us enjoy dining in establishments. Delicious food, attentive service, and a beautiful design are all enticing, but decent dining tables and chairs at a restaurant is still important since it may assist improve the likelihood that people will give the restaurant a second glance in addition to raising its value. There are many considerations to make when selecting a table, including the type of material and the shape. Additionally, the table's surface should be flat, it cannot have sharp corners, the placement of the table should also be considered. Customers may think the restaurant is using a gimmick if the tables and chairs do not closely match the decor, which will cause a large loss of sales. Therefore, based on the hotel's...

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How to Install Kaboon Floating Cube Shelves

The following instruction for Kaboon floating cube shelves is the newest version. We added a special paper tape to help you hang the cube shelves on the wall. The first step is to assemble the cube shelves. The main point is to get the connections (F) stuck and hangers lined up horizontally with the slots running in the same direction. The next step is to screw into the wall so that you can hang the shelves on the wall. Different walls have different ways to screw. Please confirm the type of your wall before screwing/drilling. To make this step easier, you can use the paper tape. There are several measurements on the paper tape, and they are equal to the...

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How to Use Drywall Anchors

The wall is the largest part of the indoor space. A good wall design can not only brighten the space, but also bring people a delightful feeling of living. When making a wall design, we may need to use tools to decorate the wall, such as screws and power drills. Different walls have different drilling methods. Generally speaking, concrete drill is for concrete wall, and wooden drill for wooden wall. But for drywall, we may need drywall anchors. Drywall anchor is a special threaded connector used to fix pipe support/lift/bracket on the wall. When we tighten the nut, the screw will be inserted the screw into the anchor hole, and the anchor will be opened, so as to fill the...

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