Wants Something Special For the Last Quarter of 2021?

It’s already the last quarter of 2021. How about your 2021? Did you try something new or you just keep everything in routine? Kaboon wants to bring you something very special at the end of 2021 and hope you all like it.

Question: If you would like to buy a tabletop, what color will you choose? Black? White? Or Oak? Are these your first choice? It absolutely makes sense, all these colors are popular and they could easily match with any styles of your house. But if you are a person enjoys something special and wants to be different from others, then please check out Kaboon Vintage Blue tabletop.

Kaboon vintage blue wood table top comes with blue woven texture, with a trace of retro flavor, unique and classic. You could use this unique wooden table top and your imagination to create a chic and comfortable space which could make you home different and catch people’s eyes.

Kaboon Vintage Blue one-piece table top is durable, eco-friendly, wear-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. It can be combined with different legs or frames according to your preference. We recommend you to use this Vintage Blue tabletop with white standing desk frame. This set is unique in design, it’s not only aesthetic but also practical. It’s a great choice for your home office.

In order to make 2021 special for you, Kaboon offers a special sale by coding BLUE15 and get  15% off on everything in Vintage Blue. This is the biggest sale this year. Come and grab the chance to make your home different!

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