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How to Install Kaboon Floating Cube Shelves

The following instruction for Kaboon floating cube shelves is the newest version. We added a special paper tape to help you hang the cube shelves on the wall.

The first step is to assemble the cube shelves. The main point is to get the connections (F) stuck and hangers lined up horizontally with the slots running in the same direction.

The next step is to screw into the wall so that you can hang the shelves on the wall. Different walls have different ways to screw. Please confirm the type of your wall before screwing/drilling.

To make this step easier, you can use the paper tape.

There are several measurements on the paper tape, and they are equal to the lengths of cube shelves. You can directly put the paper tape on the wall horizontally and use a pencil to mark, then use a tool like power drill/rubber mallet/hammer to tap.

The final step is to hang the cube shelves on the wall, and your installation is successfully complete.

Here is one tip from one of our customers:

Remember to leave at least" 1 to 1.5" of space between cubes so you can install and remove them without moving all the others!

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