How to Use Drywall Anchors

The wall is the largest part of the indoor space. A good wall design can not only brighten the space, but also bring people a delightful feeling of living. When making a wall design, we may need to use tools to decorate the wall, such as screws and power drills. Different walls have different drilling methods. Generally speaking, concrete drill is for concrete wall, and wooden drill for wooden wall. But for drywall, we may need drywall anchors.

Drywall anchor is a special threaded connector used to fix pipe support/lift/bracket on the wall. When we tighten the nut, the screw will be inserted the screw into the anchor hole, and the anchor will be opened, so as to fill the whole hole, thus making the screw to be fixed in the wall.

According to the material, there are generally two types of drywall anchor. One is plastic anchor, which is always used in assembling fixed kitchen and bathroom hardware pendant. The other is metal anchor. Metal anchor is widely used in industrial production. When using a drywall anchor, please pay attention to the following steps:

Step 1 Determine the Location to Screw
First, you may need to mark the location where you want the screws to be installed. You can first use a wood detector to detect the place you want to drill and see if there is any wood behind the drywall, so that you can avoid hitting the wood and cause damage to the wall.

Step 2. Tap The Anchor into The Drywall
Most drywall anchors do not require pre-drilled or pilot holes. You can simply point the anchor at the wall and use a hammer or rubber mallet to tap it into the wall. When tapping, please keep the edges of the anchor horizontally.

Step 3. Nail The Screw into The Wall
After the anchor is installed, just nail the screw into the anchor. If you bought Kaboon products, you would receive this type of anchors in the package.

This type of self-drilling drywall anchors is zinc plated steel with unique design. It is combined by 2 pieces of metal, and the longer piece has serrated side, which can provide strong support. When tapping it into the wall, please place the anchor horizontally (make the 2 pieces of metal parallel to the ground and the piece with serrated side should face up). Then you can use a hammer or rubber mallet to tap.

After installation, you can easily tap the screw into the wall and remove the screw, and leave the anchors on the wall for reuse. It is versatile and suitable for drywall installation at home or office, and suitable for hanging a variety of items, like curtains, pictures and so on. It is perfect for supporting the weight of our shelves with extra items, no need to worry that the hanging items will fall.

Now that you've mastered how to use drywall anchor, it's time to try it for yourself! Kaboon floating cube shelves is a unique wall mounted shelves storage solution used as living room shelves, corner shelf, etc. You can transform the wasted space on the wall into a spacious storage area, and keep everything neatly organized within arms reach.

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