How To Build A Second Income? Join Our Affiliate Program!

We are thrilled to announce that we launched our affiliate program which aims at rewarding our customers who want to share our products with their friends or people who are willing to share our brand. I will explain all the questions you care about, and then you can get started!

  1. What do you need to do?

Register through this link: or you can find the link “Become an affiliate” shows on our website. Fill out the form which inludes several basic questions and you will get an email which says “Your affiliate account has been approved”. Check the email and there will be a login link, click it and sign in, you will arrive the landing page. Click “Dashboard” on the left side and you can see your affiliate link’s here. Just share this link through the Internet, such as your social media platforms. That’s all you need to do! Simple enough?

  1. What do you get?

You will get 3% commission on total referral sales (taxes and shipping fees excluded) when a friend or customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Want more commission? Not a problem! When the calculative referral sales amount under your affiliate account reaches $5000, we will offer you a better deal and you can get a special discount which only provide for your friends or customers.

  1. When do you get $?

We will process all commission payments 30 days after the sales occurred. We will pay by PayPal or other payment methods fit for both of us into your account, less any required taxes or refunds (on returned product).

  1. Other information you need to know

Because our current target is the U.S. market, so it’s better for you to focus on the U.S.

We promise that it’s totally free to join our program and we will never ask you to pay any fees in the future.

 Now are you excited to get started? Just do it! And we always welcome overachieves and will be thrilled to hear from you on additional ways to make it a success for us all. Please feel free to reach out to us and we can get the conversation started.


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