Three Tips to Design Your Kitchen

The key to designing a kitchen design is focusing on its functionality, such as the whole layout, space planning, and the installation of various appliances. There are many details that need to be prepared in advance. So here are three tips for you.

First, the layout of the kitchen.

To enhance the use of a kitchen, the movement to cook is particularly critical and will directly determine whether the kitchen design is reasonable. What is the movement? It is the step to cook a meal: taking food from the refrigerator, cleaning, cooking and dishing. The kitchen layout needs to be based on this movement, so that we can walk less when cooking.

Second, the height of the countertop.

In customized houses, the size of the kitchen can usually be adjusted. Especially the height, it is better to adjust the height according to the height of the user. If the countertop is too low, it can also be a burden on the user’s back. Generally speaking, "height divided by 2 + 5 centimeters" is considered the optimal height.

Third, the reserve of the sockets.

For the number and location of the sockets reserved in the kitchen, the ideal practice is to list out of the large equipment, embedded equipment, a variety of small appliances that will be used before the design, and plan the plug location for the electrical appliances that will be regularly used. As for that electrical appliances that will not be used frequently, we can randomly reserve the position for sockets. When reserving sockets, it is better to be more than 30 centimeters away from the countertop. If the space is not enough, you can choose to configure the magnetic track socket, to cope with the possible increase in future appliances and meet the demand for sockets is not enough.

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