What is ergonomics?

To put it simply, it is to respect the value of people and make the use of tools suitable for the natural shape of the human body as much as possible, so that the person who uses the tools does not need any active adaptation of the body and spirit when working, thereby minimizing the fatigue caused by the use of tools, increase work efficiency.

The scope of ergonomics is actually very wide, as long as it is an activity involving people, it is related to the subject. In production, it is necessary to analyze and study the coordination of body shape and reduce the pressure on people from work, reduce labor intensity, and improve work efficiency; in the living environment, consider the relationship between human activities and the surrounding things, and the impact of the environment on people.

The essence and value of ergonomic research lies in how to optimize the human-machine-environment, in which the human experience is crucial. For example, for space design, furniture and appliance design related to human activities, people’s physical characteristics and movement characteristics must be considered. Minimize the fatigue of people, reduce the damage to the human body by activities, and increase the efficiency of human activities to the greatest extent, making people more comfortable when using. Ergonomic products designed on this basis can make people healthier, more efficient, comfortable and safe when using it.

Especially in the past 10 years, with the rapid development of technology and society, people's work and life are increasingly dependent on computers and other equipment. Long-term use of computers, fixed postures and reduced activities have caused great harm to human health. Social sub-health status is becoming more and more prominent. Ergonomic products are urgently needed to improve this situation.

Ergonomic products will become more and more popular in the market, and the value of ergonomics will be enjoyed by more and more people.

If you encounter pain and fatigue at work, you can start by changing your work desk.

The height-adjustable standing desk is at the forefront of ergonomic desk design, it allows you to set the height of the entire workstation to precisely reach your comfort level, depending on your task.

Another great benefit of the height-adjustable standing desk is that it allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. It is scientifically proven that sitting all day can increase the risk of high blood pressure, back injuries. Standing up for an entire working day can be tiring and can even cause damage, so it is ideal to alternate between the two positions.

Whether in the office or at home, the ergonomic design in the workspace can not only reduce injuries and pain, but also improve work efficiency and overall satisfaction.

Are you ready to setup an ergonomic work space for yourself?

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