How to Choose the Best Standing Desk For You?

It is really a great choice to having a height-adjustable standing desk. When you want to pick one Height-adjustable standing desk, there are 8 things you need to take into your consideration.


   No matter you work in the office or working from home, you need to think about the space. How much space do you have for a standing desk? And where do you plan to stand?


   What are you going to put on your standing desk, just a laptop? Or you like to spread papers out in front of you or put some decoration such as plants or photos? Then it can help you decide how big the tabletop you need.

3.Height Range

   What is the adjustment range you need ? Normally, the height-adjustable standing desk can fit the height you want. Unless you are taller or shorter than average, or you just want the standing desk can be high enough or low enough, you have to pick up one with wide range adjustment.


   What is the material of the tabletop and the frame?  Is the weight capacity big enough for what you are going to put on it?


   How many electric motors are doing the heavy lifting on your adjustable desk? And is it noisy?

6.Easy to Use

    How long dose it take to assemble the table? And is it easy to operate and adjust? It will be a bonus point that if the desk has a memory mode which can go to the exact right height. If you are working from home and you have a child at home, it will be great if the table can simply be locked.


   How much do you want to spend on the standing desk for yourself or for your employee? Definitely, the high price-performance ratio is the best choice.

8.Shipping & Warranty

Dose it charge for shipping and what is the shipping policy? How long can it be shipped to you? What is the warranty policy? 

Kaboon has 2 different sizes Height Standing Desk which can fit all your needs.

  Premier Standing Desk Smart Standing Desk
Tabletop 55''X28''




Height Range 23.6''-49.1'' 27.6''-47.2''
Base width 42''-70'' 43.3''-55.1''
Material (tabletop) One-piece eco-friendly laminate material One-piece eco-friendly laminate material
Material (frame) High-grade industrial steel frame with no hole design High-grade industrial steel frame with no hole design
Load Capacity 220 LB 176 LB
Lifting System 2 motors/3-stage 2 motors/2-stage
Travel Speed 1.5'' per second (No load) 1.18'' per second (No load)
Silence <50 DB <50 DB
Assemble Time 15 mins 15 mins
Memory/Lock  YES YES

2-year warranty for tabletop

5-year warranty for frame

2-year warranty for tabletop

3-year warranty for frame