Five Labor Day Activities to Soak Up the Last Moments of Summer

Let's hear it for Labor Day! Celebrated on the first Monday of September, this day was dreamed up by the labor movement in the latter part of the 19th century, and it's been a Federal holiday since 1894. It's also the last three-day weekend of summer, the perfect time to squeeze in some last-minute, warm-weather fun. So how will you celebrate? 

If you haven’t finalized your plans yet or are having a hard time finding something that sounds fun and exciting for your family, let us help you with some inspiration! Here is a list of five activities you might choose to enjoy Labor Day 2021.

1 Throw an all-white party

Whether this fashion “rule” needs to be followed or not, it’s been a longstanding tradition to pack up your white shorts, pants and shoes after the passing of Labor Day. Why not give your family and friends a last chance to wear their favorite white outfit for your own all-white Labor Day party? Invite guests to wear as much of this color as possible and give out some prizes to people who take it to the extreme.

2 Give back to the community

Next, consider forgoing the traditional backyard BBQ or picnic in exchange for volunteering your time at a local event or charity. Holidays like Christmas and Easter are popular times for people to help at soup kitchens or homeless shelters, but Labor Day is just as good as a time as any to roll up your sleeves and get involved in your community. Best of all, you’ll really show your appreciate for the meaning behind the day by donating some of your labor and skills to people who can benefit from it.

3 Pay homage to the holiday

A holiday is more than just a day off work or school. Dig deeper into the meaning of Labor Day and share the experience with your children. Brainstorm your favorite or most interesting jobs and pretend to take on that role for the day. Do you have a child who wishes to be an astronaut or a train conductor? Visit a local museum and learn about the history of the profession. Then tie it in to an art project that showcases what you learned!

4 Make it a “family staycation” weekend

Many people choose to get out of town for Labor Day weekend. If you’ve done this most of the years, why not switch it up in 2021 and stay home. That’s right, your own backyard can be just as exciting with a little thought and creativity. Invite some friends into town for the weekend and make use of your entertaining space. Relax, keep your plans low-key and enjoy how carefree it can be to stay right at home for the holidays.

5 Hit the shops

Positioned between the bigger Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday events, the yearly Labor Day sales are essentially the last stop before the big 'Holiday deals' season starts in November. Plenty of products are all up for grabs right now with juicy price cuts and free delivery options. 


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Finally, how do you plan to celebrate Labor Day this year? Share your ideas and help to inspire others!

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