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Floating Shelves for Wall

Wall shelves serve a range of purposes, including decoration in addition to storage. They can be utilized as bookcases, kitchen dish storage, and other things as well, and fully utilize available wall space. In contrast to cabinets, they won't take up any floor space, and because of their flexible designs, they don't make people feel oppressive. Shelves rarely have a high load-bearing capacity and can only hold a small number of goods, but they don't accumulate clutter. For those who appreciate aesthetic beauty, shelves function like a stage that can be transformed according to the occasion or their mood, which is a terrific way to infuse a space with new energy. Our new floating shelves for wall are in pragmatic...

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Start Your DIY Project with Kaboon Tabletop

I believe there are some people who really like DIY, but always no ideas about how to do it, am I right? A large DIY program definitely is too difficult to handle for pleople with no ideas, then why don't we just start with some simple DIY projects? For example, DIY desk or shelf. Today let’s just start your DIY project with Kaboon tabletop.

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