How End Tables Enhance Your Home

An end table is a piece of furniture that can fit just about anywhere in your home. There are many different types of end tables out there. They are built to be the approximate height of the average couch’s arms and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, just pick up one fits your need to enhance your home.

What to know before you buy

Although it is not a hard and fast rule, your tables should match your furniture, the interior design of the room in which they will be placed, and the overall look of your home.

Unless you are trying to create a Bohemian design aesthetic, the tables’ shape, design, and color should complement or accompany the rest of your furniture.

Light wood tables against dark wood furniture and vice-versa are fine but, when you start mixing and matching styles, shapes, paints, and stains, you should have a distinct goal in mind.

The benefits of end tables

  • End tables are designed to be functional, but they are also integral to many styles of interior design. They have other benefits, such as:
  • They complete the interior design and the room together.
  • They improve the flow, or fengshui, of a room if placed correctly.
  • They provide more surface area, especially to people sitting on the couch and in any nearby chairs.
  • They are easy to reach for those sitting down.

Specific uses for end tables

Although we touched upon some of the uses of end tables above, here are some more direct ways you can utilize them:

  • Provide a surface for drinks, remote controls, and personal items like keys and wallets.
  • Serve as a place for landline telephones and possibly phone books.
  • Support standing lamps for better lighting.
  • Provide a place on which you can set anything within easy reach, generally without having to get off the couch.
  • Use them as a nightstand.
  • Display magazines, books, and other decor.
  • Display houseplants and flowers.

You could get end tables from a furniture store, or you could DIY your own end tables. Kaboon offers you the high end material end table top in 20''x20'' with different sizes and colors. Then get the frame or legs you like and put them together, your end tables are just done! You could put the table tops in the wall as end tables as well. 

Use your imagine and enhance your home by end tables in different styles.  

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