How to Design Your Laundry Room

Laundry room is a necessary part of our house. Although it’s not the most important room, it could affect your life. So how to make a laundry room aesthetic, productive and attractive can be a challenged question. Here we will provide some tips of how to design a laundry room.

Step 1 Draw a design

Before action, you need to draw a design first to show how you want your laundry room looks like. In the design, you need to draw where the washing machine and dryer is, where the sink is and where the storage space is. If you’ve already have your washing machine and dryer or the sink, you need to take all the sizes into consideration when you draw the design. There will be some potentially hazardous items to be stored in your laundry room, so make enough storage space is the key element to keep the laundry room clean and tidy. Putting a countertop above your washing machine and dryer could be a great way to provide you more operate spaces.

Step 2 Get everything you need in your laundry room

After draw the design, you could start to buy all the stuff you need in your laundry room. It seems easy, but actually it is the most torturous process. For example, if you want to buy a washing machine, you need to decide whether it’s front-loading or top-loading, what is the capacity and whether the size could fit your design, how much does it cost. There are so many details need to be considered in this process and all of them need to be matched with others perfectly. For example, if you want to put your washing machine and dryer under a wood countertop, you have to get the size of the washing machine or the countertop first, then you could buy another to make them match with each other perfectly. 

A wood countertop is the best choice for laundry room, it comes with a lot of different sizes and colors which could be easily matched with your home style. Kaboon Universal Series has five different colors and 6 sizes which definitely will meet all your needs. 

Step 3 Think about some storage space or decorations

When you draw the design, you’ve already thought about the storage space. Maybe in your design, there are some cabinets or shelves. What we mentioned here is to take advantage of all the spaces in your laundry room to enhance the utilization. For example, putting some floating shelves in the wall is a smart choice. The floating shelves can be a decoration itself, and it can hold a lot of stuff, such as washing supplies as well. Or if you believe you have enough storage space with your cabinets and you don’t need more, you could do some decorations there. Hanging a draw in the wall or put some plants will make you laundry room cozy, aesthetic and attractive.

All the tips above are trying to help you get a nice and tidy laundry room which could makes you enjoy your laundry. If you have some good advice for a laundry design, please share with us and let others get inspired.

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