Inspire Your Creativity--KABOON Floating Shelves Cube

Are you a creating fan? Are you recently looking for some storage cubes? If so, there is one thing that I highly recommend you to take a look, the easy DIY Floating Shelves Cube.  

Floating Shelves Cube is a unique wall mounted shelves storage solution used as living room shelves, corner shelf, DVD shelf, laundry room shelves, plant shelves, book shelf, helps to display collectibles, arts, books, crafts, memorable trinkets, toys and more. You can hang shelves or just stack the cubes and place them anywhere. This product can inspire your creativity, just maximize your imagination and design you own unique shelves.


These cubes were designed bold and realistic, rich in color, including but not limited to solid colors, wood grains, stones, metals, abstract and more. Enhanced haptic solutions with a variety of surface textures. The chic and unique colors can attract attention from others.

cube floating shelves
wall mounted cube shelves

Exquisite workmanship, elegant style, underlines the taste.

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