Start Your DIY Project with Kaboon Tabletop

I believe there are some people who really like DIY, but always no ideas about how to do it, am I right? A large DIY program definitely is too difficult to handle for people without ideas, then why don't we just start with some simple DIY projects? For example, DIY desk or shelf. Today let’s just start your DIY project with Kaboon tabletop.

1 Standing Desk

With a height-adjustable desk frame, it will be a perfect sit-stand desk, which could help you reduce the damage to your body caused by long-time sitting. Standing desk is multi-functional, it can be a computer desk, gaming table or your study station, even could be your dress up table. 

Before make your own standing desk, please find the suitable size of the desk frame and then got the proper tabletop.


2 Dining Table/Office Desk

If you prefer to match the tabletop with metal or wooden table legs, it will be a perfect dining table or office desk which can be used in any room in your house. Modern and simple table top design makes the table not only aesthetic but also practical which is essentials for home life.

3 Laundry Table

It's always an eternal problem for us to keep house tidy and organized, especially the laundry room. Laundry room is always not as big as other rooms, a lot of dirty clothes need to be washed and laundry supplies are thrown everywhere. A laundry table will help you simply solve this problem. Install a tabletop above the washing machine which helps you get two separate spaces for storage. You could put the dirty clothes under the tabletop with several baskets and above the top is a perfect place for washing supplies.

4 Wall-mounted Folding-down Table

A tabletop could be simply transformed to a wall-mounted folding-down table just with several brackets. Wall mounted and fold up design make the table perfect for compact space, it offers an ideal space-saving solution for those who want to store essential items and keep the room clean. 

Before installation, make sure your wall is suitable for installing heavy objects. Then get the proper brackets according to the load capacity and sizes of the table.

5 Shelf

It is really a smart design by ingeniously combining the tabletop and the metal frame to be a shelf. You could put some decorations, photos or books on it. This shelf is not only a decoration but also an organization to this room.

Kaboon offers high quality, eco-friendly tabletops in different styles, colors and sizes which could meet all your needs. Kaboon Universal Series is our best seller, it could match all different styles and could be used in different environment with different bases. Kaboon Super Series is our sturdiest tabletop which comes with 1 inch thickness and nature woodgrain. Kaboon Pure Color Series adds more color psychology element. The relaxing color provides a refuge away from the pressure of modern life.

In order to help you make your DIY dream come true, Kaboon offers a 10% off on tabletop collection by coding TABLE10 through Enjoy your DIY experience and enjoy your experience with Kaboondesk!

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