Trick or treat?

Halloween is coming this weekend, are you ready for this trick-or-treat holiday? Kaboon will treat you by offering our Halloween Sales Events.

  1. Get 12% off on Kaboon Pure Color Series.

If you want to know the trend of color, just follow Apple. They will always bring new colors for people. This year Apple launched IMAC in some new bright colors which are the most popular colors 2021. Green, blue, pink, gray, no matter you like cool tones or warm tones, there must be one you like.

Kaboon has launched our Pure Color Series March 2021 which has four popular and relaxing colors that could remind us the countryside, fresh air, and a healthy environment and help you get away from the pressure of modern life.

If you get a IMAC in bright color and have no ideas of which desk you should choose, or you want to bring something in bright colors to your house, Kaboon Pure Color Series is your best choice. This sturdy one-piece wood table top not only could be a home office desk, but also could be a counter top in your kitchen or laundry room. And it could be applied to kid’s room as well. For more information about Kaboon Pure Color Series, click here and you could get 12% off directly when you check out.

  1. Code BLUE15 and get 15% off on Kaboon Vintage Blue Series. Save up to $70!

Kaboon Vintage Blue Series includes standing desks, table tops and floating shelves. It comes with a special texture which is chic and unique, you could not find the same product in the market. 

For the table top, it’s one-piece wood table top which used high-pressure decorative laminate and P2 grade of CARB certification. Compared to solid wood table top, laminates are more stable, easy to clean, not deformed and affordable. It’s more sturdy, better quality and can be used for a longer time than the particle boards.

For the standing desk, it includes a stable, smooth, powerful dual motor lifting system, a large lifting range, a great carrying capacity, an intelligent hand control panel and an elegant appearance with no hole design. Code BLUE15 when you buy Kaboon Premier Standing Desk in Vintage Blue, you could save $70!

 Above are the treats Kaboon offers to you, why don’t you treat yourself by upgrading your old office desk to an ergonomic standing desk? Or by bringing some new color elements to your house to light it up? Anyway, Halloween is coming, treat yourself, be happy and stay safe!

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