Floating Shelves for Wall

Wall shelves serve a range of purposes, including decoration in addition to storage. They can be utilized as bookcases, kitchen dish storage, and other things as well, and fully utilize available wall space. In contrast to cabinets, they won't take up any floor space, and because of their flexible designs, they don't make people feel oppressive.

Shelves rarely have a high load-bearing capacity and can only hold a small number of goods, but they don't accumulate clutter. For those who appreciate aesthetic beauty, shelves function like a stage that can be transformed according to the occasion or their mood, which is a terrific way to infuse a space with new energy.

Our new floating shelves for wall are in pragmatic and minimal designs. They have multiple colors, and their surface textures are suitable for different decorating needs, which can maximize your space and lifting your interior. With this wall shelf set, you can place it wherever you like and use empty walls to display or store your things. The entire wall may be transformed into a lovely picture by just arranging some paintings, flowers, and books. You can also change the ornaments as you choose to create a different attractive scene.

Additionally, the dimension of the two shelves is 10"D x 27" W, which is wider and deeper than most floating shelves. The maximum load depends on the wall material. It can hold up to 100Lbs for the board, which is suitable for concrete, brick, and wood walls. As for drywall and plaster wall, it depends on the structure and connecting place.

Shelves are the perfect spot to showcase tiny items if you enjoy collecting them. Since the shelf’s background is an empty wall without any shades or height restrictions, things of various heights can be arranged in a flexible pattern.

Install a few long shelves on a big, white wall, and your house will become a blank canvas for your limitless imagination. If you are interested, please check the link to for more info. Currently it is on sale for 20% discount:


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